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1. Supply Chain Strategy Assessment -- Chain Connectors will analyze a client's current supply chain and make recommendations as to changes that would benefit the client both operationally and financially. This effort would include helping prioritize a client's various opportunities and initiatives to determine the most appropriate steps to take that provide the most benefit. This view is important because each part of the supply chain is interdependent and looking at one piece individually may end up adversely affecting the entire chain. Click Here for Visioning Offering

2. Supply Chain Requirements Definition and Software Selection -- As a separate initiative or the result of a supply chain strategy assessment, the implementation of a supply chain software package might be recommended. Chain Connectors would create the requirements and conduct the software selection on behalf of the client and then complete the software implementation depending on the chosen software solution. There are several different solutions that Chain Connectors is capable of implementing and some are delineated in the following additional solution offerings.

3. Network Strategy -- Chain Connectors will model the client's distribution network and make suggestions for improvements in facility location (e.g. distribution centers), customer service territories and facility capacity utilization. As a result of the network analysis, we will make recommendations on the optimal facility locations and the appropriate assignments of customers to facilities.

4. Reverse Logistics Assessment -- Chain Connectors will evaluate a firm's current returns process and benchmark their costs versus industry standards. We will make recommendations for cost reduction and returns cycle time reduction. In addition, the feasibility of implementing a software package to reduce the cost of the returns process can be evaluated.

5. Inventory Strategy -- Chain Connectors has significant expertise in identifying optimal inventory levels based on required customer service levels and the necessary minimal investment in inventory. The result of this type of engagement is typically both an increase in service levels and a reduction in inventory investment. Inventory optimization supports this outcome and may be a part of this analysis. It may include the deployment of unique optimization algorithms to an overall set of process constraints. AMR Research sees companies taking an increased interest in this optimization need, with many viable options available in today's market. An additional key piece of this work often requires calculation of an internal carrying cost so that a firm can accurately make the tradeoff between customer service levels and inventory investment.

6. Forecasting Assessment -- Chain Connectors will evaluate your current forecasting process and make recommendations to reduce forecast error. These changes will result in lower inventory levels and lower accompanying inventory carrying costs. A result of this effort might be the set-up and implementation of Collaborative Planning, Forecasting, and Replenishment (CPFR) processes.

7. Supply Chain Organization Review -- Chain Connectors will evaluate the current supply chain organizational structure and complete a process that will result in revised job descriptions and reporting relationships to achieve optimal supply chain efficiency.

8. Strategic Sourcing Analysis -- Chain Connectors will evaluate the current supply base and make recommendations as to consolidation and cost reduction opportunities while maintaining or improving current service levels. This evaluation may entail determining the most profitable suppliers and their relative service performance.

9. Customer Service Evaluation -- Chain Connectors will evaluate current customer satisfaction levels and make recommendations for increasing these levels. This may include customer service interviews and/or surveys.

10. SKU Rationalization -- Chain Connectors will analyze demand and inventory information to determine which SKUs are the most valuable to the company and make recommendations that will improve profitability and reduce inventories.
11. Venture Capital Advising -- help venture capital companies select the best supply chain related companies for purchase/financing

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Published Articles

We have published in many of the top supply chain journals including: Supply Chain Management Review, LQ, Supply and Demand Chain Executive, DC Velocity, Journal of Business Logistics and International Journal of Logistics Management. Click on Published Articles for easy downloads.

Mission Statement
We will provide superior quality and delivery of supply chain management consulting and deployment services to our clients. Our focus is to provide value to our clients by pricing our services so that both mid-market and Fortune 500 clients will gain significant benefits from our work. A key enabler for Chain Connectors is the Internet and the solutions that are enabled by it. Our services/solutions have the ability to predict, monitor and manage internal as well as external business processes.