Chain Connectors
Linking Your Supply Chain for Optimal Performance

We have years of experience in supporting key supply chain processes including:
  1. Overall Supply Chain Strategy
  2. Returns Management
  3. Order Fulfillment
  4. Procurement
  5. Demand Management
  6. Supplier or Customer Relationship Management (SRM or CRM)
  7. Customer Service Management
  8. Technology Application

Overall Supply Chain Strategy
Identification and prioritization of key supply chain and related initiatives to ensure improved corporate operations rather than improved "pieces" of the supply chain. Additional focus is ensuring the alignment of supply chain strategy with corporate strategy.

Representative Chain Connectors Offerings: Supply Chain Strategy Assessment or Supply Chain Strategic Planning, Supply Chain Organization Review, Supply Chain Requirements Definition
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Returns Management
Improve the management of the returns channel to identify productivity improvements, reduce product failures, extend product lifecycles and improve asset recovery to increase profitability.

Representative Chain Connectors Offerings: Reverse Logistics, Returns Management Assessment
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Order Fulfillment
Meeting customer need dates with a complete order including post sales service and billing accuracy accompanied by real-time tracking and visibility of product and information transfer.

Representative Chain Connectors Offerings: Network Strategy or Distribution Network Rationalization, Supply Chain Analytics, Supply Chain Event Management or Supply Chain Visibility
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Develop long-term partnerships with a smaller core group of suppliers in a win-win relationship where both parties increase sales and profits.

Representative Chain Connectors Offerings: Strategic Sourcing Analysis, Supplier Rationalization, SKU Rationalization, Vendor Management
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Demand Management
Point-of-sale information management, "key" customer demand, strategic forecasting, predictions, product allocation, and complex analysis to improve overall efficiency of the supply chain while optimizing inventory from suppliers through to customers

Representative Chain Connectors Offerings: Forecasting Assessment, Collaborative Logistics (including Collaborative Planning, Forecasting and Replenishment-CPFR), Inventory Strategy, Customer Segmentation
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Supplier or Customer Relationship Management (SRM or CRM)
Working to have two-way dialogue with channel partners including metrics for supplier performance and customer requirements. This might include having a single point of contact (SPOC) capability for vendors and customers to interact with your company.

Representative Chain Connectors Offerings: Supplier Relationship Management, Customer Relationship Management, Customer or Supplier Segmentation
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Customer Service Management
Evaluation of customer perceptions of your service to them including real-time information on promised shipping dates, product availability, and potential delays.

Representative Chain Connectors Offerings: Customer Service Evaluation or Customer Service Strategy
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Technology Application
We maintain a current knowledge of new supply chain software tools which facilitate increased levels of internal coordination and collaboration. This knowledge allows us to best select the software to match your functional requirements.

Representative Chain Connectors Offerings: Software Selection, Solution Deployment
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We believe fundamental rethinking and creative redesign of business processes will achieve dramatic improvements in basic ROI measures of performance, such as cost, quality, service, and speed.

Our combination of strategic thinking and technical expertise helps plan (or validate) your supply chain, evaluate your alternatives, deploy your solutions and reap your benefits.

We maintain strong working relationships with software vendors specializing in inventory control, returns management, supply chain visibility (supply chain event management), and other areas yet retain impartiality based upon requirements definition.

As our introduction to your business needs, Chain Connectors offers a low risk, facilitated, strategy session to identify your supply chain processes, their strengths and weaknesses, possible initiatives and prioritize based upon ROI
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Published Articles

We have published in many of the top supply chain journals including: Supply Chain Management Review, LQ, Supply and Demand Chain Executive, DC Velocity, Journal of Business Logistics and International Journal of Logistics Management. Click on Published Articles for easy downloads.

Mission Statement
We will provide superior quality and delivery of supply chain management consulting and deployment services to our clients. Our focus is to provide value to our clients by pricing our services so that both mid-market and Fortune 500 clients will gain significant benefits from our work. A key enabler for Chain Connectors is the Internet and the solutions that are enabled by it. Our services/solutions have the ability to predict, monitor and manage internal as well as external business processes.