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Linking Your Supply Chain for Optimal Performance

Welcome To Chain Connectors.

Chain Connectors offers professional supply chain strategy and implementation services that enable increased efficiency and increased return on investment at a reasonable cost. We also offer supply chain training options for various levels of personnel. Chain Connectors integrates key business links of the supply chain network to create the most value for your company, the whole supply chain network, and the consumer.  We believe that effective supply chain management is key to corporate profitability. To achieve this, we take a strategic look at supply chain initiatives for our clients to ensure that each initiative is working to improve the entire company. Then, we identify the areas with the biggest payback with the lowest investment and risk.

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Published Articles

We have published in many of the top supply chain journals including: Supply Chain Management Review, LQ, Supply and Demand Chain Executive, DC Velocity, Journal of Business Logistics and International Journal of Logistics Management. Click on Published Articles for easy downloads.

Mission Statement
We will provide superior quality and delivery of supply chain management consulting, training and deployment services to our clients. Our focus is to provide value to our clients by pricing our services so that both mid-market and Fortune 500 clients will gain significant benefits from our work. Our services/solutions have the ability to predict, monitor and manage internal as well as external business processes.